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October 19th, 2017, 11:50 am

Harvey Update

Who knew that Harvey would be as huge as it ended up being? I was expecting to be slowed down a week or two because of power and such. WELP, at least I have a story for the kids for the time that Houston got completely flooded out.

I'm okay. My house is okay. Heck, because of a series of events (me taking my mom's car over to a family friend's apartment garage to get it to higher ground), I ended up staying with my family friend for a week and the apartments were okay there. Luckily, we (my family and family friend) live in the northern suburb part of Houston so we didn't get the brunt of it and I spent that time chipping away at WDYF stuff outside of the comic (I didn't think to bring my ink pens or drawing board, I was only planning to stay one night).

But like the stereotypical Mexicans that we are, my entire family (mom AND dad's side) live IN the city of Houston. My mom's family stayed together the entire time, so a phone call away from knowing how they were all doing, dad's required more phone calls since it was smaller groups. So after the roads cleared up, and we were given the okay there was a lot of time spent helping clean up the messes for both sides of the families.

In between that, Harvey also took an irritating chunk off of classes, so the last few weeks since the reopening of classes have been spent catching up for lost time (AKA: more homework and cramming). That had also eaten up any remaining time on top of work and trips to downtown Houston.

I'm still chipping through the final pages and even when I have no access to my desk, I'm working on scripts/thumbnails for future chapters. Harvey brought a stupid amount of rain and it's left a lot of short and long term issues. I was hoping to include this post with the double update but it's starting to feel like it's been long enough for no update at my front after being one of the areas affected by such a huge hurricane.

Again, as always, thank you so much guys. Y'all are amazing!

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