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I haven't died yet... Just finished Summer School I and II. 5 days a week, and work all day on weekends. So this was another page I had been chipping on with 70% of the inking being done for quite a while. TT.TT;; I wasn't expecting Summer I to be so demanding, but my teacher decided that he didn't want any of the students cramming for a test every Thursday--so why not have a test everyday?? (OWQ!!) And Summer II was Accounting. OI. Hence the absence.

Anyways, we have 2 pages left for Chapter 4! \(;w;)/ Not only that, be expecting a whole lotta other updates in August outside of just pages. I'll get into detail about it after Chapter 4 is complete. I've been chipping away at them since February and I'm pretty excited to start the new year fresh(I register more with Academic year vs Jan 1st >_>; ).

Again, thank y'all for being so awesome~! I really appreciate your patience with me.

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