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Grey Life is a constant whack, no? At the very least it has consistently been mine for a straight 3 years. Good thing it has been great schoolwise this semester, but life always finds a way. A storm has passed through for my family so my dad's now back in college, which has taken a good chunck of my time helping him with his writing homework and the remainder of my time/emotional energy had also been taken since my grandmother had been admitted into hospice then into the eventual mourning.

Every day I'm thankful that I haven't lost my muse or my will. Because it's tiring and frustrating feeling like I haven't progressed as far as I should be by this point. Having stupidly long gaps between updates. I don't even get on Smack Jeeves unless I have an update. Again, just thank you for being patient with me, I'm still gonna be trucking along till I get this story done. ;-;

ANYWAYS, getting to the actual comic page. It's another page that I've been chipping away at when time has permitted me to. Either way I friggin love this page. Turned out pretty much how I wanted it to, and that's always a little home run for me. owo

I'm also reminded in ways as to why I like doing this comic greyscale, not only would color take me too stupidly long per page, nor do I believe that the comic doesn't really...need it, but I like how it keeps me aware of making sure busier scenes contrast and read properly. This is just a really nice grey page. =w=;

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