August 3rd, 2016, 6:00 pm

Page 83

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Author's Comments:

Page blocks... I had such a hard time with this page, I ended up scrapping the thumbnail for this page and starting over. The only thing I kept was the top part.

Going back and reading some manga, definitely helped getting this ball rolling again with this page.

I did work on the next few pages after this one, so there will be an update on Friday. Aaand if I'm not stabbing myself on the face because MOAR PErsPECTIVE/BACKGROUNDS, there should be one on Monday too. Gotta keep this train a rollin'!

Thank you so much, guys, for being awesome to me this year. It's been really tough for me on this side of the world externally and internally that has put a lot of breaks and slowing downs on updates. It really means the world to me. ;w;/

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